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About Ming Huan

Management Philosophy
We will bring joy and happiness to our customers with attractive technologies and products.

  The company was founded in1979, beginning in precision stitching machine components manufacturer. In recently years, our performance is outstanding and has successfully across to the computer, telecommunications, electricity, medical equipment and other related high-tech product development. In1999, we moved to Taichung industrial, mainly engaged in manufacturing precision components , folder mold design and manufacture of products , there are optical and semiconductor manufacturing equipment , precision medical aids , wireless communication antenna , power tools , 3C Technology products, precision machinery parts, worm gear housing guide wing servos and other components..etc.

  The main source of technology can be divided into domestic and foreign area. The technology source from domestic that we are not only have own research and development team, but also to work with the relevant industry and academia to develop new technologies and products. The technology source from foreign that we work with Japan precision machining technology and die design folder. In order to expand the technical level and increase productivity, that we stationed in Taichung Precision Machinery Technology Innovation Park in 2012. We hope to draw on the industry cluster effect to link with top talent gather and technology, upstream and downstream integration to enhance related technologies and expand the availability of the product with other industry.