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Professional Technology and Production Process

Ming Huan has over than 30 years of professional CNC processing technology. Over the years, we constantly challenge ourselves and diligently help our customers resolve processing related issues. We continue to set "delivery the best quality and service to our customer" as our goal to enable each product to have the best quality, the fastest speed, and the largest capacity.

Comprehensive Equipment and Integration Capabilities

We continue to strengthen our factory equipment and evolve our information technology in order to become the vanguard of the field for our customers. We have the integrated ability to complete the finished-part products and handle the entire process from parts molding to product appearance.

Design Communication Capacity and Adaptability​

We emphasize the training of company talent and mutual communication with our customer-end design team to resolve questions and then achieve the most perfect project. We are able to communicate proficiently in English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese which allows us talk with customers from most all over the world. Our rich experience enables us to handle unexpected situations better than anyone else and provide contingency plans in various aspects, allowing us to turn each crisis into an opportunity.

Meet the Delivery Deadline and Costs​

We cooperate with each customer to meet the cost demands, complete customer expectations deadlines for customer’s maximum efficiency.

Quality Assurance​

We have continued to grow within the manufacturing industry with the unwavering pursuit of sustainable enterprise management, upheld our spirit of “Deliver the best quality and service to our customer." in order to meet the international quality requirements, and established a method consistent to the ISO-9001:2008 International Quality Management System to improve our quality assurance.

Region advantage​

Ming Huan is located at Taichung city refined mechanic industrial park. This section into a group at the manufacturing chain, transport facilities, vertical consolidate all the resources.